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Skellytn is the first female producer to ever release a Drum & Bass album in North America (2022’s Neurocomputer on Reid Speed’s Play Me Records), as well as the first female to release on neuro heavy hitters Eatbrain. Skellytn credits the LA underground scene in which she grew up for inspiring her to learn to make music.


A graduate of the famous Los Angeles production school Icon Collective, Skellytn has released with renowned labels such as Bassrush, Sable Valley, Ram Records, Drama Club, and more.


Skellytn has embarked on stateside tours with the likes of Subtronics, Boogie T, and Riot Ten. She has also graced the decks at festivals such as Escape Halloween, Lost Lands, Forbidden Kingdom, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Bass Canyon, to name a few. The Skellytn Corporation has no plans of slowing down its acquisitions anytime soon.

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